Welcome! This is my very first post, so i thought i would share a few things about me and as to why I’ve started my blog.

Ever since i was little i have always loved makeup. In my teen years before Youtube i would nag my mum to buy me magazines with makeup how-to’s, and i would follow the steps to try and achieve a glamorous look…and end up looking like the mad hatter, but never the less i kept at it.

After finishing school i started a hair and beauty course in college, which i loved but never really got to do a lot of makeup, so i ended up dropping out after 3 years, and a year after that i was pregnant with my first child!

I then moved to Turkey with my boyfriend at the time and our baby, and makeup over there was so cheap (Not branded makeup like Maxfactor etc. that was a bit more expensive than here in the UK) but they had a few shops that sold everything from lip kits to foundation palettes, so every week i would go and grab a few things to try out.

Living in a foreign country with a new baby was getting lonely, as the only one i could really talk to (in English) was my boyfriend and he was in work most of the time. So i started blogging. I started writing about my experience and also about becoming a young mother…and of course…makeup! I really enjoyed writing and sharing pictures, even though i didn’t have many followers, that didn’t matter as blogging was more of a hobby for me.

I then had some big news that i was expecting baby no.2  and…keeping the story short, me and my boyfriend split up, leaving me to return to the UK alone and becoming a single mother of two. I never had the time to continue blogging, so i deleted it.

Since all that i now have a 5 year old, a 2 year old, and still got my mojo for makeup!           So behold Glitzandmama! my brand spanking new blog, where i’m hoping to share everything from makeup to lifestyle posts, and a few things in between.

I’m taking on this new adventure and seeing what it brings really. If someone enjoys reading this as much as i enjoy writing it, then i guess its a win for me. If no one reads