Hello! I’m Becky, a 25 year old single mum to two beautiful children. I have always enjoyed writing…may it be books, to-do lists or even in my diary, it really is a hobby of mine. So i decided to start writing my own blog.

My kids are my inspiration, and being a stay at home mum, i’m blessed to watch them grow and learn everyday. When i’m not buried in dirty washing, or making my to-do lists, my other hobby is make-up.

Before i became a mum, I always loved doing my make-up and hair. Now, i rarely get the chance to spend longer than 10 minutes on my beauty regime. I also feel very self-conscious when wearing a full face of makeup, as i often think people assume i’m trying too hard, when in fact i just really enjoy wearing it.

So with this came the idea to start GlitzandMama. A place for me to share all things motherhood and beauty related, whilst gaining the confidence to feel my most glitzy and glamorous!

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Thanks very much. 🙂