I know it’s 4 days late, but, happy new year to all my family, friends and followers! Wishing you all good health and happiness for 2018!

Everyone keeps asking me what new years resolutions or plans I have,  and to be honest I haven’t really thought about any. I don’t smoke, and I’m not interested in diets, but I do want to start eating healthier meals. I enjoy cooking, but with a fussy toddler and a 5-year-old who’s learning where ‘meat’ comes from, meal planning ain’t all that easy. I usually keep it basic and that way I know the kids are going to eat it. But, this year I’m going to get myself and the kids trying lots of different foods, and I emphasize on the ‘trying’!

Another resolution (if you could call it that) is to play more with my kids. I always make time for a quick game with them, but after that, I usually leave them to play together and get on with things that need doing. But since the kids got all their new toys for Christmas, I’ve loved sitting down for hours, playing and constructing with them. We’ve had so much fun together, and I love how big their imaginations are.

I’m looking forward to this year, and I’m going to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way!






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