Thriving through the terrible two’s!

Thriving through the terrible two’s!





Apparently, the terrible twos are a normal stage in a toddler’s development. It’s when they struggle between their reliance on adults and their desire for independence, but after having such a happy and even-tempered first baby, i thought it was all a myth! Oh, how wrong was I… 

My son is now 2 years – 4 months, and my search history is filled with googled questions like ‘how to stop my toddler biting?’ and ‘why is my toddler evil?’ (yes, I’ve really googled that one). I feel like I’m living the Exorcist story, only it’s a little boy who’s possessed, where “No” has began to dominate his vocabulary and he insists on doing everything himself!

Now, I understand that we should be encouraging our toddlers to be independent, but when we’re running late, and he’s taking twenty minutes to put on a pair of Velcro strap trainers, i lose my sh*t. I sit there twitching, resisting the urge to do it for him, until i finally snap and wrestle his little Nikes onto his feet, whilst he screams “ME DO IT, ME DO IT”  and i hustle him into the car.

Some could say that i could get him ready 5 minutes earlier and that would resolve the shoe escapade, but that’s the great thing about tantrums at two. You never know when or what will trigger one. So walking on eggshells around my toddler is exactly what it’s beginning to feel like, and with the internet’s response being that the terrible twos is just a phase, I shall be striving through it with lot’s of caffeine, mommy blogs, oh, and google! X


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3 thoughts on “Thriving through the terrible two’s!

  1. My daughter is 2 years and 4 months (on March4th) and OMG i could have written this blog as well-the struggle is so real!! One of my friends recently told me that 3 has been worse than 2 and that just made me cry into my wine lol

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