Because life isn’t always glamorous

Because life isn’t always glamorous

After a night of restless sleep and a wet bed escapade with a toddler, i was really needing that extra 10 minutes of snooze this morning. To be honest, i need that extra 10 minutes every morning.

The TV is switched on where the kids will indulge in a good 15 minutes of cbeebies, (yep 15 whole minutes, I’ve counted) before they’re fed up and next thing i know my sons trapped inside a pillow case. Whilst in this time, I’ve managed to scrub up and find a pair of matching socks. Go me!

As breakfast is wolfed down and tea is being swigged as were heading out the door, i turn to the mirror on the wall and ask “what is this porridge in my hair?” as i grab my comb to try and brush it out, it ends up smearing all through my ponytail giving me that just pooped on by a seagull look. No time for a restyle, so a good 2 minutes in the car is used to wet-wipe my hair down.

With the morning school run completed, i return home to clean up the destruction, then slump down on the sofa with a hot cuppa. Scrolling through my pinterest feed, i find myself thinking “how do they do it?” You know, the perfect mums who always look immaculate, whilst running 350 errands a day. Am i just not born with it?

I’m pretty sure that even those mums get the days where it’s smiley faces and fish fingers for tea! even the ones who scrutinize the ingredients list. I’m also sure they have their days when they too throw on a pair of leggings and rock the mum bun.

Sometimes we need to be a little less hard on ourselves, and accept the fact that life isn’t always as glamorous as we see on social media. Yes Karen who has 3,420 followers has just posted an awesome pic of her kids looking pristine whilst eating an ice-cream, but remember, you don’t get to see the after pic when it’s all over their face and clothes, because they’ve bitten the end of the cone of first. (anyone else’s toddler do this?)

Like the saying goes, it’s all smoke and mirrors. So never compare your life to those you see on social media. Be happy and stay positive mamas!




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