How to look polished without makeup.

How to look polished without makeup.

When i’m in a rush to get the kids ready for school or for when i just don’t fancy wearing makeup, i always rely on these 5 products to get me looking put together and a little less zombie. My skin is usually dry, patchy, and i have really purple eye bags. So i really need a bit of brightening to help me feel a bit more confident when bearing a fresh face.

I’ve listed my 5 favorite makeup alternatives. These are also great to wear to the gym and even to take on beach holidays, as they contain spf and give you a little extra glow!

Step 1 – The moisturizer

If your going for a makeup free look it’s important that you boost the hydration in your skin, to prevent it from looking dull, and help your face looking fresh all day. I use the No7 day cream from boots. You don’t need very much to last all day and It has an spf of 15. It’s very light and easily absorbed, so great for slapping on and heading out the door.

Step 2 – The facial glow

I know I’ve already mentioned a moisturizer, but this clean and clear morning energy is just fab at brightening up your face. It has a sort of shimmer to it, so i love to apply it like a highlighter. On my brow bone, over the center of my forehead and over my nose and chin. I don’t find it that great at keeping my skin moisturized, and also that shimmer all over my face is a bit much, so that’s why i keep it to a minimal. As i said this a great alternative for a subtle highlighter as it gives you that lit from within glow. It also smells amazing!

Step 3 – The eye brightener

I suffer with really puffy and purple eye bags. I drink lots of water and get as much sleep as i can with two little ones, but i always look like I’ve been on a week long drinking binge. So when i’m not using a concealer i need a little something to keep my under eyes looking bright. This vitamin E eye cream from superdrug works wonders for me, as it really corrects the purple colour and reduces puffiness.

Step 4 – The subtle blush

Using a pink lip and cheek tint is the perfect way to get a subtle flush, and add some dimension to the face. It’s also great as you can use it on your lips too, keeping them moisturized. I picked up these great tints from superdrug just before christmas, they’re the perfect size to pop in your handbag to use on the go. I couldn’t find this but here is an alternative… The-Balm-lip-and-cheek-stain

Step 5 – The eye opener

To open your eyes and appear more awake, eyelash curlers are the way to go. I bought these rose gold ones from primark, and i use them everyday. To keep the curl in i then coat my lashes with some clear mascara, and also brush through my eyebrows with it to achieve a polished and put together look.

These are just some of my favorite products that i enjoy using and that i would recommend. If you know of any products that you love for a minimal polished look…or that you use when you go makeup free, please leave me a comment and tell me what they are.

Thanks for reading x





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